Friday, December 18, 2009

Suddenly Solo: The Physician's Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Medical Practice

Thank you for your interest in my book, Suddenly Solo: A Physician's Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Medical Practice.

To get your e-book copy, just complete the form on the sidebar and hit submit. You'll then get a confirmation email (I don't like to spam people). After you confirm, you'll get an email with the e-book attached and a link to the site where the hardcopy can be purchased, if you'd prefer a physical book over an e-book.

Again, thank you for the interest in my book,Suddenly Solo: A Physician's Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Medical Practice.

Dr Schoor


  1. Congratulations!

    I am not clear on where to sign up. Form on sidebar?

  2. Rick,
    just downloaded the book and read about half of it in one sitting. Fast and engaging read.

    Very timely for me as I just (as in 3 months ago) left university academic practice to be the only urologist in a multi-specialty group.

    I'm not quite solo , but have a good degree of independence which brings similar challenges to yours - how to grow a practice from scratch ( I moved states), how much equipment to buy, how to invest marketing $$ and time, training staff who are not familiar with the specialty ( I still do all caths , void trials and bladderscans myself). Had to learn about EOBs. The info on HICFA was new to me, and will help me figure out how the business office of the group works. I agree with the advice on being accessible, although I do have an answering service (courtesy of the entire group). I agree they are a mixed blessing.

    To make it brief, this is great advice for anyone in a new practice, even if not solo.

    One minor criticism (you asked for them), is that some chapters feel like they were copy/pasted from blog posts, and some editing would keep the flow of the book better.

    Great work. Keep it up.

    Tony Makhlouf

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  5. I read your whole book in one sitting. a good read. many useful advices. i could tell from the book the reasons for your successful medical practice. thanks for sharing your experience